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Why I Made Fairytrail

If you haven’t heard of Fairytrail, it's a remote dating app that matches you on group adventures with someone you like, so you can have extraordinary dates that are fun and safe.

So why did I build it? Maybe it’s best if I start with my principles first. After all, why anyone does anything in life starts off with their beliefs and world views.

I believe there are many ways to make money. You can work at a company. You can play a sport, write, sing, draw... You can invent. You can start a business. There’s a million different businesses you can pursue. You can build a business to insert ads into podcasts, provide doggie insurance, or deliver weed. Anything you can dream of.

I don’t believe the goal of life is to be happy.

I believe it’s to do what you find meaningful. To do what you believe is right. Happiness is just a shadow that follows you when you are kind and have great relationships - no need to chase it.

Meaningfulness is something that may be hard or even painful. But to …

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